What others are saying about FACE FOOD

I don’t make any special claims about FACE FOOD. Simply stated, all of the ingredients have natural healing and nourishing properties. I just combined all of them and let Mother Nature work her magic!            ~Medina

It’s not just for women. My husband loves this stuff. He put’s it all over his face and his beautiful bald head.

I’m the husband that puts it all over my face and as my wife was quoted saying his beautiful bald head.
This product is amazing; I first started using Face Food about 6 months ago and the results are;
• My skin feels so much softer to the touch
• It brightens up my beautiful bald head
• It makes my skin feel and look healthier
• It just makes me feel like a million bucks

I use Face Food all over! My skin feels replenished and supple afterwards. My son found it effective in soothing and softening scar tissue as well! Great all natural product. Thanks!!

A big thanks to Common Sense Nutrition Blog for the above product reviews!

My friend recommended this product to me, and I just have to say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I have spent a small fortune on face creams from Dr. Hayschka, Principal Secrets, Clinique,Obagi, Purity, Bliss…to name a few. This one is just pure heaven. I love everything about it. My daughter is also stealing it from me. May I suggest a monthy enrollment auto ship service. I’d love to have it auto shipped. Thanks… Pure win!

I am positively in LOVE with the scrub. My face feels amazing! I’m also really excited about the body balm – my skin has been so dry this winter. I love your products!
~Emily C

I love your face food cream and the scrumptious scrub.  I got them at Libby’s Westside Studio in Eagle, Idaho.   Usually, I have sensitive skin, but not with your fabulous products.
~ Carolyn N.

I bought face food at the North Bend farmers market. It is amazing! it has changed my skin! I have friend and family telling me my face looks so good. I also no longer have little red bumps. I need more!!!
~Kelli Luther

My boyfriend brought me home a sample from Everett Washington. he was up there selling for other products for a company he works for…. and i must say.. I LOVE FACE FOOD!. the pleasant aroma of the cream was the big seller!. to me it dose not smell like something factory made.. after i tried it for 3 days my face was so soft!. and I’m DEFINITELY going to buy a bigger supply!
~ Meshell of Spanaway Washington

And work HER magic she does!! Love Face Food!!!
~ Jennifer H.

I’ll make a special claim.  I love your Face Food.  Feels great!  My face feels so nourished!
~ Lisa G.

So glad you are marketing this ….. I ran out of my gift one and didn’t want to beg for more.  Now I can buy it!
~ Susan E.

I love the Face Food and will soon have my friends and Mom hooked!
~ Jennifer B.

Love your Face Food. My skin feels so soft. It is absolutely amazing!!!!
~ Cathy G.

It smells delicious! (A comment made by many farmers’ market customers)

Face Food works great on my highly sensitive skin – especially around my eyes.
~ Jen C.

I love my face food … I am on my third jar and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Nice to know I can order online, thank you!
~ Lexi M.